Market Street Stalybridge

This photo is of the very top end of Market Street, at the junction with Trinity Street/Waterloo Road. The building on the far left is the Boars Head Pub. Can anyone identify the shops in the centre and right of the picture?

Market Street - at the junction with Trinity Street and Waterloo Road (opposite the Town Hall)
Market Street Stalybridge – at the junction with Trinity Street and Waterloo Road

Below is a more recent picture of Market Street, this time you can see the Technical School and Central Girls School on Waterloo Road on the far right and a little further down Market Street. The bank in the centre of the picture is Martins Bank closed in 1970s when it transferred its business to the main TSB Branch on Melbourne Street. The Boars Head Pub closed in the 1980s and is now Gruber Garrett solicitors. (Valentine, S 2012) The shop on the right, Wrights, is now Thompson and Cooke Solicitors.

Market Street Stalybridge at the junction Trinity Street/Waterloo Road.

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Stalybridge Pubs – The Albion Inn

After my post on the Heginbotham’s Brewery, Stalybridge I thought it appropriate to post a picture of one of their pubs – The Albion which was 47-49 Market Street, Stalybridge.

The Albion 47-49 Market Street, Stalybridge
The Albion Inn, originally on Rassbottom Street Stalybridge (later renamed Market Street)


For those into History…

According to Stalybridge Pubs 1750-1990 by Rob Magee…

The pub was first mentioned in 1832 when Ralph Woolley was the licensee.  Mr Woolley was a wine, spirit and porter merchant.  The address was the Rassbottom Street and changed to Market Street with the completion of the Market at the base of the Town Hall.

Around 1890 John Heginbotham, brewer and wine and spirit merchant, bought the pub.

In 1914 the Albion and the Heginbotham’s Brewery were bought out by Robinson’s of Stockport. They remained with the Robinson’s Brewery until it closed some time after 1965.

Rob Magee’s book has a full list of licensees and a few stories about the pub from newspapers of the 1800’s.

The Albion Inn, Market Street. Stalybridge
The Albion Inn, Market Street. Stalybridge


The Albion Inn, Market Street, Stalybridge


After closing as a pub the building housed Richard Boyes & Co Printers. The building was demolished and rebuilt with flats to the upper stories in the 1990s (?).

47-49 Market Street prior to demolish ion and rebuild.
47-49 Market Street prior to demolition and rebuild.

The ground floor is now half pharmacy and half Tame Computers.  

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Stalybridge Pubs – The Talbot

As it is Friday night I thought a photo of a pub would be appropriate! This is the Talbot Hotel that was on Market Street. It has now been demolished and the space used to extend the Central Hall which currently houses Cosmo Bingo. The Talbot is the first pub I can remember “getting in” when I was still at school. The pub was a world away from the fun pubs of Vegas Town when we went in and was to my 16 year old eyes a bit dull.  I’m guessing we were in fairly early evening before most people were out.

The Talbot Hotel - Market St Stalybridge
The Talbot Hotel – Market St Stalybridge

For those interested in History…

*The Talbot was originally built as a family home for the Mellor Family (around 1800) and was converted to a pub, called the Coach & Horses, in 1823. The name changed to the Ashton Hotel in 1830. I’m not sure when it changed name to the Talbot but I understand it was mentioned as the Talbot in a newspaper report of 1865.

The address was originally 55 Rassbottom Street (1835) then 77 Market Street (1854) and 74 Market Street (1871 on-wards). Mad isn’t it changing address whilst not moving…

* I took the history bits from Rob Magees book – Stalybridge Pubs 1750-1990

The Talbot Hotel – Market St Stalybridge

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