Stalybridge pubs – The Waggon & Horses.

The Waggon & Horses, Mottram Road, Stalybridge

The Waggon and Horses is on Mottram Road, Stalybridge at the corner of Matley Lane and Mottram Road. The first and most obvious thing that jumped out at me when I saw this picture was the number of floors the pub has…last time I drove past there were only two….and there are clearly three shown here.

The History Bit…

The pub was originally built in 1663 as a farmhouse. It became a “Coach House and Tavern” called The Sandman Inn in 1789. (Waggon&

Up until a boundary change in April 1936 the pub wasn’t in Stalybridge, so it isn’t in any old trade directories etc. (Magee.R, 1991)

The photo below was taken in 1961 and the top floor was removed in 1978. (Waggon&

The Waggon & Horses, Mottram Road, Stalybridge
The Waggon & Horses, Mottram Road, Stalybridge

Stalybridge Pubs – The Wharf Tavern

The choice of pub photo tonight is a pretty easy one for me, because I’m heading there now myself. I really like the Wharf Tavern, the staff are friendly, they serve real ale and they let local groups book and use their “small” and “large” rooms for free. I’ve been to the Wharf’ for many WI Reading group evenings, I’ve been to see a banjo group rehearse, I’ve looked at local history presentations and tonight I’m heading off to a launch party with friends from Stalybridge Together! 

The pub looks little different today in 2015 than it did when this photo was taken. The only major difference now is that the pub has been now extended into what looks like a shop on the far left of the picture. I love that the gorgeous stained glass in the lower windows and the internal doors, the pub is worth a visit just to see them, but you might as well have a pint whilst you are there!

The Wharf Tavern 77-79 Caroline Street, Stalybridge
The Wharf Tavern 77-79 Caroline Street, Stalybridge

For those interested in History…

Again from Rob Magees book Stalybridge Pubs 1750-1990…

The Wharf Tavern was originally a beerhouse and was opened in 1850. It was taken over by Gartsides Brewery in 1922. Bass Charrington took over as Brewery in 1967 and in 1981 it became a free house.

Richard Grainger was licensee from 1960 – 2010 and his family still run the pub today, perhaps that is what makes it so friendly.



Advert from the mid 1880s for John Heginbotham, Dealer in Wines and Spirits.



I’ve not much to say about this, its a self explanatory advert for Heginbotham’s from the 1880s. Whilst it is not a photo I wanted to post it as soon as I found it as it belongs with the pages about Heginbotham’s Brewery and the Albion Inn. I’ve yet to find photos of the Kings Arms or the Hare and Hounds mentioned in the advert but I will put them on here if I find them.

Stalybridge Pubs – The Albion Inn

After my post on the Heginbotham’s Brewery, Stalybridge I thought it appropriate to post a picture of one of their pubs – The Albion which was 47-49 Market Street, Stalybridge.

The Albion 47-49 Market Street, Stalybridge
The Albion Inn, originally on Rassbottom Street Stalybridge (later renamed Market Street)


For those into History…

According to Stalybridge Pubs 1750-1990 by Rob Magee…

The pub was first mentioned in 1832 when Ralph Woolley was the licensee.  Mr Woolley was a wine, spirit and porter merchant.  The address was the Rassbottom Street and changed to Market Street with the completion of the Market at the base of the Town Hall.

Around 1890 John Heginbotham, brewer and wine and spirit merchant, bought the pub.

In 1914 the Albion and the Heginbotham’s Brewery were bought out by Robinson’s of Stockport. They remained with the Robinson’s Brewery until it closed some time after 1965.

Rob Magee’s book has a full list of licensees and a few stories about the pub from newspapers of the 1800’s.

The Albion Inn, Market Street. Stalybridge
The Albion Inn, Market Street. Stalybridge


The Albion Inn, Market Street, Stalybridge


After closing as a pub the building housed Richard Boyes & Co Printers. The building was demolished and rebuilt with flats to the upper stories in the 1990s (?).

47-49 Market Street prior to demolish ion and rebuild.
47-49 Market Street prior to demolition and rebuild.

The ground floor is now half pharmacy and half Tame Computers.  

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Heginbotham’s Brewery, Stalybridge

Stalybridge had a brewery in days gone by, obvious really, all those mill operatives would have needed a pint our two after a hard days work.

I have a poster on the wall in my kitchen advertising “Heginbotham’s Fine Ales & Stout”. To be honest I could do with a large pint of their fine ale now…


Heginbotham's Brewery, Stalybridge
Heginbotham’s Brewery, Stalybridge


Heginbotham’s Brewery supplied a number of pubs locally including the Albion Inn, 47-49 Market Street in Stalybridge. The brewery went into liquidation in 1914 and was bought by Robinsons of Stockport.

Heginbotham’s Brewery, Stalybridge


From this picture it looks to me like house in the foreground is on Grosvenor Street and the brewery was therefore around where the Melbourne Street Carpark is now. What do you think?

And….I have to say the camper van/mini bus in the picture looks fab!

Thankfully Stalybridge has a brewery once again; TicketyBrew. They are based near the train station and most importantly are stocked in the world famous Stalybridge Station Buffet Bar so commuters can have a well earned drink as they return to Stalybridge after a tough day in the big city.


Stalybridge Pubs – The Talbot

As it is Friday night I thought a photo of a pub would be appropriate! This is the Talbot Hotel that was on Market Street. It has now been demolished and the space used to extend the Central Hall which currently houses Cosmo Bingo. The Talbot is the first pub I can remember “getting in” when I was still at school. The pub was a world away from the fun pubs of Vegas Town when we went in and was to my 16 year old eyes a bit dull.  I’m guessing we were in fairly early evening before most people were out.

The Talbot Hotel - Market St Stalybridge
The Talbot Hotel – Market St Stalybridge

For those interested in History…

*The Talbot was originally built as a family home for the Mellor Family (around 1800) and was converted to a pub, called the Coach & Horses, in 1823. The name changed to the Ashton Hotel in 1830. I’m not sure when it changed name to the Talbot but I understand it was mentioned as the Talbot in a newspaper report of 1865.

The address was originally 55 Rassbottom Street (1835) then 77 Market Street (1854) and 74 Market Street (1871 on-wards). Mad isn’t it changing address whilst not moving…

* I took the history bits from Rob Magees book – Stalybridge Pubs 1750-1990

The Talbot Hotel – Market St Stalybridge

What are your memories of the Talbot Hotel? When did you go in? Please leave a comment below. Thanks/