Stalybridge Carnival

It’s the 39th Annual Stalybridge Carnival  28th June 2015. Let’s hope it’s as sunny as it was last year and everyone has a great day.  I love to see the carnival tradition continuing and local schools taking part along with local groups businesses and the lovely Rose Queens. I always enjoyed the carnival as a child and wanted to be a majorette like the ones shown of this  video of Stalybridge Carnival by the Tameside Film Project and on the picture below.

Please leave a comment if you have any memories or photos of the Stalybridge Carnival that you would like to share and let me know if you recognise anyone on the photos!

One thought on “Stalybridge Carnival

  1. Alyson Banks July 8, 2015 / 5:55 pm

    Hi Stephanie

    I came and across your website by accident, and must say I have found it very interesting. I heard a rumour that Tesco stalybridge is closing so googled it and found your information. I remember stalybridge from when I was a child and teenager in the 60’s and70’s.

    I personally would be very pleased if Tesco closed, as it has been the death of a once lovely little town. I would like to see stalybridge as a tourist place with some lovely tea shops, craft shops and b and b’s. Nice pubs and wine bars. I don’t think it will ever recover in a retail sense, but could be still a lovely little place to visit if there was some thought and money spending on it.

    I live in an ex police house in stalybridge, but have never been able to find any old photographs of my house or the surrounding area.
    I’m very interested in our local history, and plan a visit to the library in the summer holidays to do a bit more research into my family tree.

    Thank you for some lovely pictures and memories of stalybridge.

    Best regards

    Alyson Banks

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