Stalybridge Pubs – The Albion Inn

After my post on the Heginbotham’s Brewery, Stalybridge I thought it appropriate to post a picture of one of their pubs – The Albion which was 47-49 Market Street, Stalybridge.

The Albion 47-49 Market Street, Stalybridge
The Albion Inn, originally on Rassbottom Street Stalybridge (later renamed Market Street)


For those into History…

According to Stalybridge Pubs 1750-1990 by Rob Magee…

The pub was first mentioned in 1832 when Ralph Woolley was the licensee.  Mr Woolley was a wine, spirit and porter merchant.  The address was the Rassbottom Street and changed to Market Street with the completion of the Market at the base of the Town Hall.

Around 1890 John Heginbotham, brewer and wine and spirit merchant, bought the pub.

In 1914 the Albion and the Heginbotham’s Brewery were bought out by Robinson’s of Stockport. They remained with the Robinson’s Brewery until it closed some time after 1965.

Rob Magee’s book has a full list of licensees and a few stories about the pub from newspapers of the 1800’s.

The Albion Inn, Market Street. Stalybridge
The Albion Inn, Market Street. Stalybridge


The Albion Inn, Market Street, Stalybridge


After closing as a pub the building housed Richard Boyes & Co Printers. The building was demolished and rebuilt with flats to the upper stories in the 1990s (?).

47-49 Market Street prior to demolish ion and rebuild.
47-49 Market Street prior to demolition and rebuild.

The ground floor is now half pharmacy and half Tame Computers.  

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