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As it is Friday night I thought a photo of a pub would be appropriate! This is the Talbot Hotel that was on Market Street. It has now been demolished and the space used to extend the Central Hall which currently houses Cosmo Bingo. The Talbot is the first pub I can remember “getting in” when I was still at school. The pub was a world away from the fun pubs of Vegas Town when we went in and was to my 16 year old eyes a bit dull.  I’m guessing we were in fairly early evening before most people were out.

The Talbot Hotel - Market St Stalybridge
The Talbot Hotel – Market St Stalybridge

For those interested in History…

*The Talbot was originally built as a family home for the Mellor Family (around 1800) and was converted to a pub, called the Coach & Horses, in 1823. The name changed to the Ashton Hotel in 1830. I’m not sure when it changed name to the Talbot but I understand it was mentioned as the Talbot in a newspaper report of 1865.

The address was originally 55 Rassbottom Street (1835) then 77 Market Street (1854) and 74 Market Street (1871 on-wards). Mad isn’t it changing address whilst not moving…

* I took the history bits from Rob Magees book – Stalybridge Pubs 1750-1990

The Talbot Hotel – Market St Stalybridge

What are your memories of the Talbot Hotel? When did you go in? Please leave a comment below. Thanks/





3 thoughts on “Stalybridge Pubs – The Talbot

  1. anthony clarke February 14, 2015 / 12:07 pm

    the last time it was open,my brother me and the two barmen? bled all the radiator pipes so it would be nice and warm that night .( christmas eve).it was.they had an electrical fire in the concert room. do`nt think it opened again.

    • Stephanie February 18, 2015 / 12:11 pm

      So it is your fault it closed? 😉

  2. Des February 28, 2018 / 9:54 pm

    Doe’s anyone remember what they called the manager in the late 70s he always had a Park Drive fag in his mouth we were lodging there as we were cleaning the church in Ashton under Line.

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