Victoria Market, Trinity Street Stalybridge

Victoria Market Hall, Trinity Street, Stalybridge
Victoria Market Hall, Trinity Street, Stalybridge

The beautiful Stalybridge Market Hall, as I remember it; full of people inside and out. I grew up in Dukinfield in the 1970s & early 1980s and for me, a trip to Stalybridge on a Saturday afternoon was a treat, only allowed if, my room was tidy. We’d go to the library and change our books, have a wander around the Market Hall and buy whatever we needed; often books from the second hand book stall (anyone remember what it was called?) and then best of all a trip to the cafe for a cream cake. Another stall I remember fondly was a clothes stall on the outside Market, the buyer had great taste (in my young teenage opinion) I think it was called Fizz and sold clothes with the label “Honey”.

Obviously my memory is in colour…

For those interested in history….

The original Stalybridge Market was built in 1831 and was under The Town Hall (now demolished). Work on the Victoria Market (above) started in 1866 and the Market was formally opened 18 July 1868, by the Mayor of Stalybridge, James Kirk, Esq. The total cost of the Victoria Market was £8969.

From my understanding the Victoria Market then carried on happily until Tameside Council tried to “improve it” in the 1990s…

Perhaps it wasn’t Tameside’s Hubris or desire for a grand Civic Hall that closed the market, perhaps it is a story of the inevitable decline of regional shopping centers in general or perhaps it was a deal behind closed doors with TESCO…who knows what goes on in the ivory towers in Ashton…

Moving on to 2014 and we once again had the doors of the Victoria Market open thanks to MWL Events and their regular Handmade Market and also events like the Stalybridge Motorcycle show and the Tameside Beer Festival.

Here are photos of the beautiful interior taken during one of the regular Handmade Markets of 2014. Thanks to Katherine Brooks of MWL Events for these photos. I love the view of the ceiling in the second picture.

Stalybridge Handmade Market in the beautiful Stalybridge Civic Hall @MWL Events


IMG_3749 (1)
Stalybridge Handmade Market in the beautiful Stalybridge Civic Hall @MWL Events

Moving on to 2015 we had the sad news that the use of the Civic Hall is once again “under review” by Tameside. First Tameside Council planned to requisition it for offices, then Councillor Sweeton said: “We are thrilled that the Council have listened to the people of Stalybridge, who clearly value this space a great deal. We are delighted that much loved events like the Handmade Market, Beer Festival, Horticulture Show and bloodbank service will now be offered the chance to continue to run in the Civic Hall.” See Stuart Valantine’s excellent blogpost.  (I think there were issues with listed building consent to the alterations planned rather than “listening to the people of Stalybridge” ) but it was good news none the less. BUT now we find that the fabulous MWL Events cannot get confirmation from Tameside Council for dates we are told that the Hall’s use is once more “under review”…

I have to say – please don’t mess it up again Tameside – we love our Market Hall and want it used more, not less…

Victoria Market, Trinity Street Stalybridge. Also showing the rooftop of the British Restaurant, Trinity Street.
Victoria Market, Trinity Street Stalybridge.  Also showing the curved rooftop of the British Restaurant,              Trinity Street.