Stalybridge Police Station

Stalybridge Police Station – 1970s

Stalybridge Police Station, Corporation Street, Stalybridge

From a quick Google around I understand that this particular police station was built in 1968 and the police ceased to use it in 2005 (S.Valentine 2012).¬†Obviously an area the size of Stalybridge, with the number of pubs it had back in 2005, didn’t need a police station….

The former police station looks very different now; derelict and vandalized with the majority of the windows boarded up or smashed, BUT hope is in sight of a new beginning for the building. Planning permission has been granted for conversion to flats, hopefully nice ones as the building is within the conservation area and, although you can’t see it, it backs on to the river Tame.

What I haven’t managed to find out is; where was the previous police station? Did they have one? Or was it previously in the Town Hall?