Fairclough’s Ice Cream

I’ve been asked about Fairclough’s Dairy on Shepley St Stalybridge and whether I had any old photos. I don’t have pictures of the dairy but I do have a great picture of their ice cream van!


Fairclough’s was established in the early 1900s in Stalybridge and is currently run by Nicky Meola and his sons Bruno and Massimo. Their website is Faircloughsicecream.co.uk

One reader remembers being sent to the Fairclough’s van in Stamford Park for a treat and said that the ice cream was “the best he had ever tasted”. He also said that you could buy Fairclough’s ice cream from their dairy on Shepley Street where they had an outdoor serving counter. Another reader remembers¬†horse-drawn carts taking ice cream from the dairy all over Stalybridge.

I found an article in the Manchester Evening News online with the tunes from local ice cream vans –¬†Does this chime with you?¬†– I found the tunes even more evocative than the old picture.

Does this bring back any memories for you?


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